1. Financial law

 ▪ Tax law

Tax advice, optimisation of tax liabilities, choice of taxation system, obtaining VAT payer certificates, tax audit, tax inspection support, tax litigation and dispute resolution, contesting tax decision notices, VAT refund, challenging acts and omissions of tax authority officials.

 ▪ Auditing

Taking account of interests of owners, management and other users at all levels we conduct both mandatory and voluntary audits.

▪ Forensic economic expert review

Expert examination, expert opinion. Forensic economic expert review is often a part of investigations into tax law violations, embezzlement, occupational crimes. We hold licence for all types of economic expert reviews.

2. Commercial law

Registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, obtaining excerpts and extracts from the Unified Registry, amending constitutional documents, liquidation of legal persons and individual entrepreneurs and all related procedures, reorganisation (spin-off, division, restructuring), analysis of reorganisation impact on business processes, obtaining permits and approvals, registration of trademarks and service marks, preparation of legal opinions, business risks mitigation and full support of commercial activities.  

3. Criminal law

Advice on matters of criminal law and procedure, development of defence strategy, representation at pre-trial and trial stages of criminal proceedings, obtaining certificates and other documents with further attachment thereof to the case files, drafting complaints and claims regarding misconduct of investigation authorities.

4. Real estate and land law

Support of land plot allotment procedure, lease rights formalisation, change of designated purpose of land plots, obtaining approvals of designs and obtaining complete packages of documents for construction and reconstruction, support of commissioning into operation of finished construction, formalisation of title to real properties, drafting, review of contractual documents for joint construction, contractor and general contractor agreements, leases of movable and immovable property, complex support of execution of leases, sale and purchase agreements, mortgage agreements, and other types of arrangements related to land plots, real properties and unfinished construction; representation in disputes relating to land plots, real estate and construction in courts of law of all levels

5. Litigation

Administrative, commercial, civil and criminal litigation. Dispute resolution support in all authorities.